The retail industry is all about reaching out to as many customers as possible, with the goal of persuading them to buy as many products as possible.

The expansion of retail companies is totally dependent on the number of buying customers. To achieve it, the retail industry needs to be innovative and find access to new markets. Issues may arise, however, when it comes to language and cultural barriers. As a matter of fact, almost 75% of people spend most time on websites that are in their own language. The sight of a website poorly translated using Google Translate, full of out-of-date content or lacking information in their native language is therefore very likely to have your potential customer clicking to the next website, most likely one belonging to a competitor who does offer the desired products in their native language.

 We believe that a credible website written in the customer’s native language, in an SEO-friendly manner, is crucial for any company that wants to expand its business to the international market.  But winning customers’ trust with a credible website in their native language is just the first step in welcoming a new customer! We also believe that, in the event of questions/complaints, it is crucial for you to respond to your client in their native language. How much more trustworthy would you appear to customers if you could promote your website and products in their native language, if you could write to them in their own language and if you could provide them with a registration form, newsletter, email etc, all in their native language?

 We translate complete websites, mailings, blogs, articles, e-books, books, subtitles, magazine newsletters, brochures, forms, web content, products and SEO-friendly landing pages to increase your sales potential and help build your credibility.  

And besides that, we do not only offer you translation services. After years of experience in the sector and in customer services, we can also offer you online support, proofreadingrevisions and copywriting blogwriting for all your texts. In all language combinations and at very competitive rates!

We would be happy to help you extend your company on the international market, partnering with us can make all the difference. For more information, please take a look at our services and rates, or contact us.